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Re now officially a business with a lot of money. It means you are now in possession of a lot of office furniture, the office supplies that you need to operate your business. Ve found a good deal on Office Furniture at National Business Furniture. You enter one of the many stores, where you are met by a very familiar looking man. The same man with the big smile and the same red baseball cap. T realize he was so close to you. The office furniture has just arrived and I was wondering if you had any office furniture that I could look at. He continues to smile at you and then grabs your hand and looks at you in the eyes. He saysYou feel a bit nervous and a bit impressed at the same time. S good to see you too Don. Yeah, the same Jane you were talking about a moment ago. You shake hands and give the businessman a brief look over while he continues to talk directly to you. M giving you the price, now get out of my office. The salesman grabs your arm and pulls you out of the store with his free hand. S still pulling on it trying to pull you into the elevator, but unlike the first time, you have the.

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