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You should also look over the Business Model of Enterprise Partnership. The sender agrees not to disclose the contents of the e-mail to any third parties. If the contents of the e-mail appear to be in violation with the law, the law enforcement agency shall be notified by a letter, and the contents of the e-mail shall be disclosed to them. To protect the confidentiality of any of your personal information or other information contained in the above-noted e-mail, you shall immediately destroy the hard copy of this message if it is not read by you within one week. You dont know how many times you have had to read such e-mails. And they sound exactly like the ones that you got from the Professional business people. They were usually the same type as the ones he had sent you in the past, and after hearing about all kinds of business practices in the newspaper, you were sick and tired of every single one of them. You would have been really grateful and content with any one of the ones he sent you, but there were some that were just too many. And since none of them got you into something interesting or in the right direction, you gave up with all of them. At any rate, you cant help but notice that at most the most of those business people didnt get you any closer to anything. So you really arent surprised that you see your e-mail address on the business message. You had no idea your father would ever need a business model to sell something to you. No, you werent surprised that the president of the company sent this message to you. Your surprise is because your fathers name was on the cover of the business model And your mothers name wasnt The phone rings and you answer it. Hes wanted to see you about some trouble youve got.

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