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You cant just ignore the negative, but you are also aware that you have to find that positive. You walk through the halls and see kids hanging out in the classrooms watching television. You look back to see if they notice you, but they are usually too busy. You walk through the classrooms and see that while there are some kids with their parents, a lot of others are hanging out with only each other. You walk down the hallway to a little girl who is sitting talking to her best friend. Her eyes are half closed and her face shows a quiet smile when she greets you. Your words dont seem to get through, until the little girl suddenly starts crying. The girl turns her head and looks at you. Her expression is one of sadness and her eyes begin to water. Its okay, you say to the girl as you take a seat at your desk. The girls eyes begin to focus again at your words. The girl is beginning to tell you her story. I did everything right and you didnt care. Why is it every time this happens we cant fix it and just give up. What if I dont make friends and never get out of my room. The girl says as her shoulders begin to tear up again. The girl finally seems to calm down when the teacher comes out of her office and starts talking to her. The girl stands up and goes up to you. You notice that the girls eyes are still a little watery so you try to hold her hand as you ask the girl how her day is going. The girl says, wiping her eyes again. The girl starts to cry and says,Im so very, very sorry. I guess I was just so happy talking to you. If you have any problems, please just come to me.

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