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Weve even included a few original ideas and a few written by you. We might even include an idea youve never even thought of before. Weve also included all the project ideas from last year, plus some more ideas from last year. Were always interested in other peoples ideas, but dont forget that our ideas arent necessarily superior or in any way better. We have a lot of science fair projects, so if your idea is better than ours, we will probably put your idea on the list or maybe even contact you if youre interested in a collaboration or partnership. Our contact information is listed on the site under the list of contact email. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to contact us at anytime. Sincerely,-Com Science Fair You send your ideaIve submitted something to the Science Fair, but why arent you taking a look at my idea. Well, says the computer, Im not usually this nice. Im going to have to be a little nicer, because if I dont have a good idea, Im not going to enter the Competition. Besides, youre a computer that likes being nice, so Im sure if it was you, youd want to please. You know what, I hate to be rude, but I dont think your idea has anything to do with science, says the computer, What are you trying to do there. Go on an adventure with a princess to find the secret of eternal youth or something. Maybe, but I think its more about science than any of us here think. Yes, yes, the Science Fair has always been the perfect event to showcase our young minds and we have always loved to showcase our young minds. However, after the events of last year and the many letters weve received for complaints about the Science Fair, it seems like theres some misunderstanding about what the Science Fair is and how its supposed to work. To clear things up, I am going to give you permission to participate in the Science Fair, but if any of what you have to say makes it into the final cut of the film, it will be your fault. Ill be checking in with you occasionally to see where the film is going, but in the meantime, you will not be allowed to speak to any members of the cast, the directors, the producers, or any of the other people that are going to be involved with the film. Now Im sure youve heard a lot by now from your friends and people youve talked to, but if you need any more help, just write to me. You contact the computer againHello, Computer, You.

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