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The only problem was, the ZANU and ZAPU were the minority party, while Ian Smiths government was the majority party. However, over the years, Ian Smith has been slowly but surely gaining more and more power. By now, Ian Smiths government has completely taken full control over the country. He declares that Ians party will continue to rule. He also declares that Ian must continue to rule the country for the good of the nation. Ian Smiths plan is to use an election to divide. A lot of ZANU members and some ZAPU members will run for office. The candidates that will run are:-A priest, Father Edmond, is the front runner. -A priest, Father Edward, is a front runner. -An orphan, a young boy who was abandoned by his family, is a front runner. -An orphan, a young orphan who was abandoned by his family, is a front runner. The polls will allow you to select which one should win. The election will take place, and the voters choose their candidate. At the start of election day you sit down at your table, enjoying your meal. You begin to look around and see people watching you. The person stares at you as your look at your plate. Im sorry, but youre at my mercy. After a few questions, Jason: The soldiers have been watching us a lot lately. Theyre afraid that if we tell you, the soldiers will come kill us all. Jason: Yeah, the soldiers have been staring a lot at us lately. Theyre afraid if they dont kill us, some one will kill them first. Im going to ask you a lot of questions to gauge yous true identity, before I torture you. So if you cant answer my questions in the allotted time, just say yes or no for the other questions that I ask.

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