British Gas customer’s ‘faulty’ smart meter shows he used £2,400 in electricity in one day

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British Gas customer Jamie Watkinson-Harvey claimed the smart meters he had received have “never” worked since he moved into his new home in September 2021 with his husband, Lewis. The couple claimed to have used seven smart meters in the seven months they have lived at their property. Jamie said the smart meters are “not fit for purpose”, with one meter showing he had used £2,400 in one day.

The British Gas customer said: “One model said I was using £2,400 per day in electric.

“The app only has electric data for February 13 and 14 now and I genuinely do not know how they intend to rectify.

“As a result of a faulty meter we have been unable to adjust any of our energy habits since moving into our new property.”

On another day, the meter showed the couple had spent as much as £425.

The couple have managed to successfully complain to the energy ombudsman about the issues they had with the smart meters.

However, the couple claimed their internal smart meter remains “unfixed” with the meter not showing the “correct usage”, they told The Mirror.

Other British Gas customers have reported similar faults with one person claiming their smart meter was showing “all zeros” and not recording details.

A British Gas spokesperson told “There isn’t an issue with smart meters, which will be recording consumption correctly.

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“If there’s an issue with an individual customers In Home Display we’re happy to look into it.”

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter gives regular updates to both the customer and energy provider on how much electricity and gas the customer uses.

Smart meters measure energy use but automatically send the information wirelessly.

Smart meters also have an in-home display which allows customers to see how much energy they use in real time and how much it’s costing.

Some energy providers have an app or online account which allows customers to access this on their devices.

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Faulty smart meters

Homeowners do not have to have a smart meter if they don’t want one.

Smart meters are installed in customers’ homes by energy companies.

Customers can contact their energy companies if they want one.

Smart meters are also free to have in your home.

Any problems with a smart meter should be investigated by the energy company and replaced if needed.

If there is a problem with the smart meter, homeowners should continue to take regular meter readings using the usual method.

Suppliers should try and get a property meter reading at least once a year.

Smart meters can show the wrong energy usage on a display but still record the correct amount of usage with the supplier.

If homeowners notice any huge jumps in their energy bills, they should notify the energy company to check.

Try and avoid estimated bills and instead provide a monthly meter reading with a photo.

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