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S only because of that idea that got you to do it in the first place. You try to picture yourself in your old life and wonder how your old apartment looked like. D even find one, or how to get an introduction. Of course you could always just stay here. You should at least be doing something, even if it is just standing around and waiting for your inevitable death. Just make sure you keep the door locked and the windows and doors locked at all times. M not staying here just to save my own ass. T wanna stay here with me and Aunt Ethel. Maybe we could sleep in the same bed again. M not quite so clean as I like to be as it is. Ll just take my clothes out of the laundry and we can both get in a fresh fresh mood. T call me Aunt Ethel, okay. You and Bretton start to get in a good mood about the situation and your conversation starts getting weird again. You both start making gross sexual comments to each other, then you start calling each other that too. S reaction to all this is to get even grosser with you.

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