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Youll know something is stupid on there, and youll save your attention for the actual articles. You decide to avoid the comments at Mirror, and youre not the only one. A few people have gone to the extent of refusing to read the comments. The people that have read comments on the articles have mostly been a little disappointed that you didnt read a couple, mostly due to the nature of the article. Most people dont take it too seriously though, and just go on with their lives. Most people in the comment section of the articles on Mirror dont make a lot of comments unless theyre getting really angry, and the only person that has been doing it more than normal has been the woman. I have a name and Im not going to have you fucking hide under the bed for the rest of my life and tell me what to think, you little prick. Most people dont reply, or say anything even though they could. If they did say something, it would either be to say nothing would happen, or theyd say something about how youre a fucking pussy. Its a good thing that neither happens, because it would be a bit awkward as comments have gone down pretty quickly. The mans name is William, and he lives with his mom. His dad died years ago when he was a teenager. Now living with his mom, he goes to his fathers grave daily, and the two of them have been making up a contract to kill each other ever since. The contract is very specific and very well thought out, the only word is always, and it stipulates that William has to kill his dad and no one but William can get to him. He never had a problem before, since when he died, William was left in charge of his dads finances, but the two of them have been making their own way. They even had something of a social life, but now, William gets a visit from a security guard on his phone when he goes out. Some of the other names of people mentioned in the article:Drake is the name of the girl on the show, Nora is a show about teenagers and her friends, Charlie, is a name of a show about people who want to get married but cant, and, most of all, Kitty is a show about a group of celebrities living in the same house, and, of course, Miranda. That was about it though, now Im going to do a story called New Face Today. The week before is the time for stories about a new face. Today the topic is the new face that everyone is talking about, Jennifer Kitty Hurley. You had heard about her a couple times from her sister.

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