Born Octo, is an American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs …

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O, Born, in Florida and Kansas City City, NFL Kelces profile is pretty standard: hes a tight end, 5 foot 10 inches in height and around 235 pounds. He was born and raised in Florida, though he lived in New York City for part of his childhood before moving to Florida when he was seven, and he graduated from NYU. He says that hes raised Catholic, though he was raised by a non-religious father and a non-religious mother. He says he likes to go to The Gramercy Tavern, The Lower East Side and Citi Field. Kelce has a tattoo of his older brothers face on his left arm. You try to get a job at the barYou think your brothers comment wasnt too funny, but he was your age and you werent interested in working at The Gramercy Tavern. Youve certainly never been in that kind of job before, and you suppose its a bit of a stretch to call it a job at all Youre much more interested in the bar. Youd have to take an actual job to really put that to the test, but you think you could probably make enough money selling frozen food door-to-door to make that happen. You take a job at the barYouve never been interested in bartending, but there is a job that pays a little less than making frozen food door-to-door that youd be willing to take. You can already tell that some of the customers are probably just trying to get your help so they can ask you for something they think is free, so youll just have to play your own little sleight of hand and pretend you have a job to give the customers. You go to this job as a test to see if your other skills work, so youre a little more relaxed than when you were working as a bar stool while your older brother was trying to get you to do something for free. You feel like you could have done a better job of it as a bartender, but it didnt really matter. You ended up getting yelled at by a guy that didnt like the way you were speaking to him, but you didnt really give a shit about the customer, because you were only concerned with getting paid. When you get to the cash register, the customers are a little more attentive this time and you at least have something to give them rather than something to pay them with. You tell them they can get whatever they want on the menu, with no extra charge. You also inform them of the hours of operation of the place. You even tell them that they can come back any time they like to see the bar, just the bartender will be taking their money in the back office.

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