Born 18 July 1982, is an Indian actress, singer, film producer, and the winner …

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You: Ive already got the first one. You: Thats why you want to know. As she turns to leave, you think to yourself, Ill think about this later. You continueYou spend the day with Priyanka and continue to work for her on the Red Pill documentary. By the time the day is over, youve covered a lot of ground. The day turns into the evening as you begin to make plans to drive out to the next town. When you get home, you are greeted and touched by a new visitor. Its a woman who seems very normal in a lot of ways, but has a few interesting things about her. Its actually odd for her to know anything about the Red Pill. S a lot younger than me and yet we started hanging out as soon as she moved in this place four years ago. The past always finds a way to catch up to you. Ve been really busy with your career and other things in your life. Ve had a different last name for whatever reason. I mean we used to be, but that was before you started acting like an attention seeking bitch.

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