Border experts predict how bad migrant surge can get after Title 42 is lifted

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Chad Wolf: We will see a surge when Title 42 is lifted

Border experts weigh in as border states brace for surge after Title 42 is lifted.

Former Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf predicted on Saturday’s “Unfiltered” that there will be a surge of illegal migrants once Title 42 is lifted.

CHAD WOLF: I think what we see, even with Title 42, is a crisis on our southern border. It’s been going on for 14 months, so once they lift Title 42 at the end of May, you’re going to see a surge not only to that border, but you’re going to see a surge of individuals now in Border Patrol facilities and houses that are already overwhelmed. So as bad as the crisis has been for the past 14 months, I think Title 42 in many ways has masked the real crisis. You’re going to see a surge come the 23rd of May for the next several months. 

I would say this administration really has no strategy — no plan in place to address the crisis. All they do is want to look at this as a processing issue and try to process more and more of these individuals into the country, which is exactly the wrong strategy. That will just further incentivize folks to approach that border and cross illegally. 


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