Boost your Android battery life with simple trick – here's how to turn it on in seconds

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A POPULAR TikTok has revealed how Android users could easily make their phone battery last longer.

It only takes a few steps and could stop you needing to charge your phone throughout the day.

TikTok user howfinity exposed the top tip which he says can be used on any Android phone.

The TikToker explained: "There's an option on every Android that will significantly improve your battery life and that's stopping background app refresh."

The tech expert then films himself demonstrating how you can turn off background app refresh for all your relevant apps.

You'll need to go to Settings on your phone and then click on "Apps & notifications".

The TikToker continued: "Then we need to go to our installed apps."

He clicks "App info" and all the apps he has on his Android device pop up.

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The TikToker says: "Now you'll need to do this with every app you use very frequently.

"So I use Canva almost everyday so I'm going to go to Canva and press Advanced and then there is an option called Battery."

He points out the caveat that should appear on your screen, which explains that apps can use your battery in the background.

This means an app could be draining your battery even when you're not using it.

To stop this from happening, click on "Background restriction" and then click "restrict".

You'll need to follow these steps for all the apps that you use frequently.

The TikToker claims that you should see a "major improvement" in the battery life of your phone.

Lots of people praised the trick in the TikTok comment section but a few claimed it didn't work on their particular Android device.

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