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Youre just about to ask if she needs any help setting up the show when you hear the bell. The shows host says with a huge smile on his face. You answer in between sips of iced tea. I told you, its going to take all day. Well, I had the night to try it out, before school started. So can I get some of your tea. Come on, let me get the iced tea machine ready. Ill get the table set up and well do this. The show starts soon after and the two of you finish it off with your drinks. You then take your seat across from the host and start looking over the show. So this ones called The Little Princess and the Dragon. Well she really does look like a little princess or dragon dont you think. The host says to you as you look through the show. You start to laugh at your own foolishnessSo I dont like princesses. Well, I guess youll have to get a real one then. The host scowls at you before turning to the host. So youre the owner of this place and you dont like princesses. Ive got her bookmarked, let me get you the name of a new play. Yes, yes, yes, I see and we have it on video. Ill take you right to the video of the new play. And Im paying, so get out of my show. The Princess and the Dragon play by the very talented and imaginative Jessica Meehan. You and Jessica look over at something in a nearby theater. The Princess and a dragon playing, dancing, and eating fruit and vegetables. You hear an enthusiastic gasp from the audience after the Princess says something. Thats what I want you to find out, says the host, so I.

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