Bongino: These 'lunatics' are losing their mind over Musk's Twitter bid

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Dan Bongino: Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter is about free speech

‘Unfiltered’ host Dan Bongino weighs in on Elon Musk’s $43B offer to buy all of Twitter.

Dan Bongino criticized liberals’ reaction over Elon Musk’s $43 billion bid to buy Twitter Saturday on “Unfiltered.”

DAN BONGINO: There’s a price for being woke, folks. You want to be woke, you want to run Twitter your way? Well, you can run it into the ground because Elon Musk just put hard cash on the table. He’s offering to give you a massive premium on what you paid for the share prices. So, now you want to be woke — you’ve got a couple of choices here. You know, I read once in a conservative outlet that the way the Left has attacked us for years is by imposing real material losses on us: boycotting companies, shrinking their wallets, putting people out of business, canceling them. 

Elon’s done everyone a favor. How much is it going to cost you to be woke? How much do you believe in censorship? Censorship happens at a price. Everyone’s for sale. What’s your price now? … You know, I’ve heard liberals all over Twitter. I see them all the time. Clamor about, “Hey, we can ban who we want. We can ban Trump. We can ban you.” I was suspended from Twitter. 

Elon Musk. REUTERS/Joe Skipper 
(REUTERS/Joe Skipper )

I thought you said it was a private company, so it can only do what it could do when it’s a private company run by moonbat Left lunatics. But when it’s run by a guy with a libertarian streak like Elon Musk, all of a sudden you lose your mind, tells me it’s not about a private company to you. It’s more about censorship.


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