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Answers20 Feb 2014Bohemian Rhapsody:-Why did he write it. 5 answers8 Nov 2011With a new round of the European Parliaments debate over whether to give the government the powers to force internet service providers to retain a record of their customers web browsing history, you thought your privacy would be safe from snooping governments and corporations. Well, it seems that not only might the UK government be spying on millions of Britons, but some online sites, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft might even be doing the same. At the very least, the UK government seems willing to share its browsing histories with US authorities, according to documents seen by the BBC, and there may be more. The leaked documents show that, at least as far as the UK is concerned, the information is only kept for 180 days. But the details still dont explain how the service providers know who is logged in and who isnt, or what their privacy policies are. On his Twitter account, the UKs Prime Minister David Cameron said that he wanted to see more on the issue. But he also acknowledged that it might be difficult to get enough details on the number of people affected. The revelations were reported by the Washington-based International Business Times but were confirmed by The Guardian who published the documents. The leak has been given to reporters at the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, who published an article today. T, T-Mobile, Sky, Vodafone, O2 and Three. The data is available to law enforcement and security agencies, the documents state. The same could easily apply to the other UK internet providers. A spokeswoman for the UKs Home Office told the BBC that the data was kept for the purpose of preventing crime. In addition, the spokeswoman stressed that the data was kept for only 180 days. The US Department of Justice declined to comment and declined to be interviewed on the topic. It is still unclear what the companies would do if asked to hold on to the data by the UK government, or whether the UK government will continue to ask for it. The leaked documents show that, at least as far as the UK government is concerned, the information is only kept for 180 days.

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