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The PauseThere is a special way to read body language that you can also use to read a persons mood, feelings or intentions. There is an added element that makes this reading more powerful, because unlike other body language youve seen, a pause gives you an extra piece of information before andor after a persons eyes. There is a difference between the pause and the silence you see before and after a person looks up, to see you. The pause comes from your eyes being open for a few moments when looking upward. It is an open gesture and it can act as a signal of approval or disapproval. This is also a way to read facial expressions, the nonverbal signals we use to communicate emotions, and its a useful way to know your own and others feelings and intentions. This is also a good practice to practice looking at someone else while they are looking at you, or someone else is looking at you. The SmileThere is a special way to read body language you can also use to read a persons mood, feelings or intentions. There is an opened smile, which signals a warm welcome or a calm and friendly attitude. A closed smile, on the other hand, is considered to be a signal of disapproval. When reading facial expressions, we use the mouth, lips, and eyes as our main tools. If the person is frowning, the mouth will be tightly clenched, there will be a narrowing of the eyes, and the mouth will be open in an expression of disapproval. If the person is smiling, the mouth will be open and wide in an expression of excitement, and the eyes will be closed in a neutral manner. We can also read different facial expressions by looking at the side and below the eyes when looking at the eyes. The ArmsA persons arms are a good tool for reading their facial expressions and the emotions they are trying to communicate. We need to look first at where we are, to see whether we are close to a person or the distance from us to the person. When we are looking at a persons arms to see their facial expressions, we often see a persons hands, which are often at the side of the face when they are relaxed. Then, we need to watch the position and placement of the hands and the palm of the hand, which is usually closest to them. We can notice a lot of things by watching this kind of signals. These signals can show if the person is smiling, frowning, raising their hands to the sky, or lowering them. You may also be able to read their facial expressions or their intentions by.

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