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Boardwalk Empire, – September 10 Boardwalk Empire.

Department of Energy has joined a number of energy companies in asking a federal judge in Washington to order the shutdown of dozens of websites run by a Montana man whos accused of hacking into computer systems in eight states and stealing sensitive information. Last month, Michael David Barrett fled Montana and has been on the run since. His defense team argues that Barrett is a victim of national security witch hunt and that the Department of Energy should stop allowing Barrett to use a military computer system to conduct his defense. The Department of Energy should cease interfering with Mr. Barretts defense process by refusing to allow him to access military computers for defense purposes, says Barretts attorney Michael Smith in a filing Friday. On Monday, a federal judge in Washington set a July 7 deadline for the Department of Energy to either stop barring Barrett from accessing computer systems or allow him to do so. Barretts defense argues that the government is attempting to prevent Barrett from successfully defending himself and that Barrett is too dangerous to be allowed any chance of effective defence. Smith also claims the prosecution has engaged in an abuse of discovery by not following federal discovery rules. The Department of Energy has filed an objection to the defenses request for more information. Smith and the Department of Energy did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Government plans to go to war with ISIS, its no surprise that the U. Intelligence community has been caught up in the middle of things. They dont really want to be involved, in fact they are deeply opposed to it. While the details of the alleged plot against the nation are scarce, it has reportedly been planned for some time. It isnt even just ISIS that the intelligence forces are concerned about, but other potential threats such as al-Qaeda. The concern is that the war against ISIS could just be the opening salvo in what is sure to be a long-term battle to bring about greater centralized control. However, it shouldnt really be surprising considering the direction the U. Theyve been pushing this war on terrorism ever since 911 and it has been a war that has done nothing but make things worse. In fact, it has only been getting worse, thanks to your tax dollars. They want to consolidate their power, which they believe they have already done with the war in Iraq and the rise of ISIS. Was setting the stage much, much earlier than it had any right to do.

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