BMW owner unable to drive motor after robins hatch young inside the radiator grille | The Sun

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A PAIR of robins made a nest and hatched their young inside the radiator grille of a BMW – unknown to the driver.

Jan Brown, 64, was oblivious to her new passengers setting up home in the front of her 3 series as she was driving around.

She only spotted the nest and three unhatched eggs when visiting her son – a 15 minute drive from her home in Hertfordshire – on Sunday.

They hatched the following day and now Jan has pledged not to drive the car until the robins have flown the nest – which could take up to two weeks.

Jan said: “I can’t believe that the robins have managed this.”

“I use the car quite a lot and have driven it around the place visiting relatives and such like.

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“I drove to see my mother at one point who lives about 20 minutes away.”

“It will be a bit inconvenient for me but I’m going to let them get on with it undisturbed and wait for them to leave.”

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