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BlackBerry has been doing well, but its not out of the woods yet. As BlackBerry, a once-dominant company with a very large user base, fades into irrelevance, Google, Apple and other smartphone manufacturers have been eating into its market share. Some analysts think the company will be broken up. For that reason, you might consider that you could save millions of dollars in taxes if you sell now, even if the stock price doesnt go up. You cant rely on the company to keep the security of your personal information safe, and BlackBerry could be vulnerable to a cyberattack. The company is also fighting off lawsuits that accuse it of selling its customers information without their permission to other firms. So the BlackBerry stock is a no-brainer if youre planning to continue to invest in Canadian stocks. If youre ready to go all in on BlackBerry, you need to start selling the stock now. If you hold out and the company starts losing its luster, your cost basis will be reduced dramatically and youll be paying more taxes. The company may still survive, but youll lose money on your investment. But it also lost a lot of money that year. Some of the reasons were due to the weakness of the U. 50 a share in both years to get out of the red. Investors arent the bad guys here; the company just made a terrible decision and went out of business. 45, you might not be so lucky these days. So how much do you need to sell that BlackBerry stock to pay tax on it.

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