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I mean, he seemed to be talking about something so muchmore ridiculous than he actually was that, in some ways, he sounded like a sort of madman. I mean, the guy was so crazy, Dany snarled. He was always joking that he was going to live to be a thousand. Im not sure how much he meant by that, but Im pretty sure it was a lot. She hadnt really been paying attention when she had been talking about how, in Danys view, Arpad walked around the world in twelve hours instead of the usual eight. She hadnt really paid attention to what it had sounded like when Arpad had talked about how hed always been on his feet, even when he was in a stroller, how hed taken his daughter, Tysha, to the park instead of staying home. She had heard him talk about how he didnt have any time for fun, like he needed to be doing something, and about how it was going to be some kind of important job, like Im going to take care of all the wild things for the winter or Im going to sweep the streets for snow. And Dany had thought that, you know, some of it was sort of normal, a lot of it wasnt. Dany had thought that this is all part of what Arpad was working towards. And then Arpad had begun talking about how he had to find a girl to marry and save the world, and how he was going to take care of everything, and how he wasnt going to let the world dissolve in chaos. And hed seemed so much happier, somehow, when Danyd started talking about her. It had been like hed found someone to save his life, to make everything that he had lost seem worth it. Like all this was part of doing the right thing, the right thing for everyone. You dont realize what it means, Dany, I can see it in your face when you look at him, Dany observed, her voice still soft and calm. Ive seen this thing once, when he was still with the khalasars. He was always smiling, always happy with something else to tell you, to show you. And Ive known him for a long time, Dany, and yet he had that look on his face. And I dont know how I can explain it, Dany, but I believe the thing with him, his love for Tysha and all that its meant for him, was that it was a way for me to get.

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