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He says and then the door opens up to reveal his wife, though she looks a little weary. My plans are for you to run a kingdom and lead it to glory. I mean even if you are the chosen one, how IS this your destiny. You look at your wife and you see an intelligent woman, but at some point she stopped being that and started being a puppet controlled by YOU as usual. To the woman of few talents and then to the miserable husband that only knows how to rule. A little pity for a woman who has been forced to live a life of servitude. T realize he had gotten so cunning, but now you know why he became a leader in the first place. D ever get his head around it, until he saw you coming. You go for a strike at him, but Rook jumps out of the way of your sword and grabs your wrist, which makes you drop the sword. T make me tear this fucking hand off. Rook says and then he punches you in the face. You fall backwards and Rook follows up by kicking you in the balls. He then grabs you by the hair and shoves his face into your face.

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