Biden intended to lie and deceive the American people from day one on Afghanistan: Parnell

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Sean Parnell speaks about holding officials accountable over Afghanistan crisis

Retired Army Infantry Captain Sean Parnell gives his take on Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan on ‘Fox News Primetime.’

Retired Army Infantry Captain Sean Parnell joined “Fox News Primetime” to weigh in on the crisis in Afghanistan.

SEAN PARNELL: Yeah, it’s an unbelievable slap in the face, by the way, to anybody who served this country for the last 20 years to have Joe Biden trod out to the podium and call the withdrawal—or surrender really— in Afghanistan an extraordinary success. And Joe Biden, by the way, he intended to lie and deceive the American people from day one on Afghanistan. Look no further than his conversation with President Ghani of Afghanistan in late July where he tried to convince President Ghani to tell the world that the Taliban was not as strong as we knew that they were in exchange for military aid from the United States of America. So, Joe Biden intended to deceive the American people all along and as a result we’re seeing this disastrous surrender in Afghanistan. We’ve got Americans left behind— thousands of our allies left behind. One of our final acts in Afghanistan was killing an aid worker and seven children and what blows me away beyond all of this is that no one has been held accountable. It is unbelievable to me that the only person that’s been held accountable is a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps, who was front towards enemy, that simply called for accountability in a very professional way. He’s in jail tonight and that is absolutely unacceptable.  


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