Biden, Democrats can't fully grasp the implications of their own policies: Tammy Bruce

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Biden-Harris ‘clown show’ threatening US standing on world stage: Tammy Bruce

Fox News host Tammy Bruce puts the Biden admin’s blunders in a global context in her opening monologue on ‘Fox News Primetime.’

“Fox News Primetime” host Tammy Bruce ripped Democratic Party leadership as “miserable, incompetent weaklings” in her opening monologue Tuesday. 

TAMMY BRUCE: [The United States’ diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics] is the same weakness from the Democratic establishment we see abroad that’s also present here at home. Pandering to progressives on some of the most extreme policy positions; pandering to those who want the most devastation and the most control. It’s all now at the center of the Democrat playbook because, for whatever reason, most moderate, center liberals [who] are still around are bending the knee to it. 

All of this is fed by the same feckless weakness, the same lack of ideals, principles, and vision, resulting in empty actions, bad decisions, constant lying, in fact, then to cover up the charade. The Democratic Party, more than ever, is being driven by miserable, incompetent weaklings – there’s no other way to put it – unable to even fully grasp the implications of their own policies. 

Whatever critical coverage Biden is receiving is a result of his failures being so undeniable and obvious that there’s not much else left to say. And get this: We are now learning that the White House is working behind the scenes with news outlets to…get … more positive coverage in an apparent effort to have the press help them cover up for their massive failures. Now they’re not even trying to hide the collusion. It’s weakness like we’ve never seen and frankly panic as well. Rather than actually find solutions to mounting crises, the Democrats’ solution is to find new and creative ways to reshape the coverage in their favor and win the news cycle.

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