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You dont know if you can actually handle the idea of Betty being the heir though, but then again you dont actually know what her reaction to the idea is either. You dont careYoure not interested in Betty. You dont care if shes a Riverdale resident, you dont even care if shes a teenage girl. You look away from her and shake your head. You walk over to your desk and sit down, and you pull out a book, but you dont start reading that book. You sigh and start walking over to stand next to her. You can feel her staring at you the whole time since shes holding the book. She looks like she wants to ask what you want, but she also looks like she wants to run away. You continue to walk, and you start to realize that you are holding yourself like you wouldnt want to take the chance of something like this happening again. You cant even think about how awkward this situation would be if Betty had said yes, but youre already so far apart that it makes you cringe. After about a minute, you reach her apartment. After about another minute, you hear the door opening. After walking inside, you both exit. Hm, I see you got the same book I did. She then walks over to the window and pokes her head outside. Shes actually much cleverer than she appeared before, but thats just luck, Do you want to come on a boat ride with me. You walk back to your apartment building with Betty, and when you get there, you can guess whats going to occur. Ill help you if youll help me. You take her into her house and go upstairs. You then proceed to pull up one of the.

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