Best washing machine setting for ‘significant’ savings

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Troy the magician shares best ways to save money on laundry

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With laundry a regular task in many households, saving money on the tiresome chore may be at the forefront of many people’s minds. Doing laundry can be second-nature to many, and getting out of old habits may be hard. However, making small changes can help to reduce energy and reduce energy bills.

Beko expert, Shalika Honda, marketing manager from the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand, has recommended setting your washing machine to a certain setting.

The expert said: “Selecting an eco-programme will reduce a significant amount of energy whilst giving the same cleaning results.”

Eco mode is a washing setting which lets you use less water and less energy, although it is washed for a longer period of time.

Experts at Currys said: “Wash modes are always a mix of three things: temperature, time and water. 

“With eco mode you’re using less water and a lower temperature than most settings.

“Usually though, you’re in for a longer wash to get the same level of cleaning. That’s because heating up the water takes the most energy. 

“In fact, 90 percent of a washing machine’s energy consumption comes from that.

“The actual spinning of the drum uses very little power in comparison. A longer wash means the water doesn’t have to be so hot. So, you’re still saving energy, even if you’re not saving time.”

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A lower temperature wash uses between 35 percent to 59 percent less energy than a hot wash, which can reduce energy bills and water bills.

If your washing machine doesn’t have an eco mode, opt for a 30C wash as it can be just as effective. The majority of detergent brands on the market these days are effective at 30C, or even lower.

Paula Quazi, sustainable cleaning expert and Smol co-founder, told “With bills rising, it’s more important than ever that we’re all washing well.

“Doing your laundry in a more energy-efficient way is not only better for the planet, but also could potentially ensure big savings on your energy bills.

“Good laundry detergents today are effective at low temperatures so there is no need to wash at high temperatures unless it’s something like underwear or towels.

“Bio laundry detergent, for example, contains enzymes that break down common stains.

“Because higher temperatures would denature the enzymes, it’s recommended you wash at 30C.”

Another way to save some cash includes using home appliances at off-peak times, if you are on a certain tariff where using them during these hours is cheaper.

This tends to be in the morning or late at night and is cheapest during these hours because it tends to be the time when people are not using appliances.

Britons should also make sure they wait until they have enough dirty laundry to fill the washing machine up before cleaning laundry.

This is because the appliance will use the same amount of energy to wash clothes no matter how many clothes are inside.

According to John Stirzaker from NetVoucherCodes, newer washing machines do have half-load settings. The expert said: “This tells the machine there are less clothes and therefore less water is used.”

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