‘Best thing ever’: Mrs Hinch fans shares ‘magic’ trick to banish window condensation

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Mrs Hinch cleans her windows using a dishmatic

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Cleaning star Mrs Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, found fame after posting cleaning tips and tricks on social media. The cleaning guru has over four million followers on Instagram. Inspired by her work, fans of hers have now created their own Facebook pages dedicated to sharing cleaning tips and recommendations with one another. These cleaning tips include how to banish window condensation.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on how to prevent window condensation on her windows.

Sophie Randell wrote: “Just moved into a rented property and without fail everyday the windows have condensation.

“Any advice on how to stop this would be brilliant.”

Moisture on windows can seem like a real issue, but in reality, it’s a very common problem caused by a simple temperature difference between the air in the home, and the surface of the windows.

When the temperature on one side of the glass is drastically different to the other side, water evaporates as gas turns back into a liquid.

The liquid residue is the damp glaze on your windows which is most commonly formed overnight when the temperature is at its lowest.

The most popular solution was to use a “dehumidifier”.

Abi Rollison wrote: “Definitely a dehumidifier will help.”

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Jodie Wiszk said: “Get a dehumidifier, they are amazing.”

Sharon Wood wrote: “Dehumidifier is the best, we used to have the same problem in our bedroom. Turn it on for less than 20 minutes twice a day and all the moisture is gone.”

Joe Beckley commented: “Dehumidifier. Best thing ever. Worked magic on our flat.”

Christabel Jouuqs added: “A dehumidifier makes a world of difference in a closed space.”

Jackie row said: “Best thing I ever did was purchase a dehumidifier.”

Another suggestion was to use salt to remove window condensation.

For those looking for a “cheap” option, using salt may be the way forward.

Lynn Gillard said: “Put salt in a bowl and leave overnight. It’s so cheap and works pretty well.”

Vicki Hudson wrote: “Need salt 100 percent, so cheap and effective.”

Marilyn Earp commented: “Put salt in a bowl on the window sill, it will draw the damp to it.”

Suze Josh Eleanor-Lewis wrote: “Leave a little pot or two of salt on your window sill. It draws the moisture out. Just put a fresh bowl out each night.”

Heather Night replied: “I’d recommend that too.”

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