‘Best’ folding technique for sweaters to save space in your wardrobe

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The 'Folding Lady' shows you how to sort out your wardrobe

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Cosy jumpers and chunky knitwear are something many of us enjoy wearing in the colder months, but storing them isn’t always easy. Folding them for drawers and shelves requires a lot of space and hanging them up can leave necklines stretched out beyond repair, so what’s the best solution? A cleaning enthusiast has revealed her super-quick folding technique to solve both of these problems in an instant.

In a recent post on her Instagram profile, cleaning “expert” Carolina Mccauley showed followers the clever trick.

Instead of hanging knitted jumpers normally with the hanger placed between the shoulders, the self-proclaimed “Home Hacks Queen” folded the garment over it instead.

She started by folding in half, lengthways, with the arms stretched out flat to the right of the sweater.

Next, the Instagram user placed a wooden hanger diagonally across the arms and main body of the sweater, so that the hook sat beneath the armpit seam.

The long, flat edge of the hanger ran from just above the arms, to the centre of the jumper.

As she demonstrated the space-saving hack, Carolina captioned each step of the video.

The captions read: “Start by folding in half. Then use the hanger.

“Fold the arm and the bottom over the top.”

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To secure the sweater, make sure the arm and main half of the jumper are tucked under the hook of the hanger.

The end result should leave the garment looking like a diamond shape, with all corners neatly concealed.

Not only does this folding technique save space both length and width-wise in your wardrobe, but it also preserves the shape of the sweater itself.

Carolina explained that the trick “avoids stretching shoulders”, which is a common problem when hanging items “normally” with the hanger placed in the neck opening.

The simple trick takes just a few seconds to do and is very beneficial for wardrobes with short hanging space.

This is especially true for those with chests of drawers or shelving placed beneath clothing rails.

For this hack to work, the hangers must have a bar running along the bottom to secure the arms and body of the garments.

It will work on more than just large sweaters too and can be used for long-sleeved tops and other similar clothing items.

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