Beneficent, benevolent, benignant, good-hearted, humane, kind, kindhearted, kindly…

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Maybe you should have tried to make the other side more sympathetic, You are about to continue when you stop for a moment. You remark and then you begin to hack away at the soldiers. A couple of the men are still struggling with the computer and when you get down to them, you begin to hack away again. Re not helping me, so what the hell ARE you doing. S not sure of how to respond, so he complies with your orders to help you. T you people just die naturally like the rest of us. I thought we were supposed to be cooperating with the Empire. T been for you, none of us would be alive right now. Well, yeah actually, but the Empire will still kill us all at the next attempt at peace talks. Ll be dead when the war finally comes to an end. At first he tries to argue, but then the first glimmers of hope begin to appear in his eyes and his voice begins to get smaller in his head. T be any more help to you now. With more than enough confidence to actually attack you, you punch him in the face and then.

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