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You use a healing potionA potion is the safest bet. You put on your armor and quickly check your surroundings; all of a sudden you find yourself looking at a large group of creatures on top of the same ruined building. The buildings are in ruins, and it looks like an army of them is fighting you. You quickly get off this damn roof and run towards some ruins, where you can at least better hide from this army of their. You run through some ruins until you make contact with a large group of creatures, which promptly attack you. This lasts until you run out of fresh bodies to attack. You see the leader of the creatures standing on top of one of the ruined buildings with a bunch of his fellows. He looks at you and his fellows and begins to speak. S been many eternities, you are the same one that came here on the ship I was on. The ship you were on, was not meant to travel to places where the humans live, because these people are the people that wanted us exterminated. M gonna be doing my own training and my own research. Re gonna pay for your crimes when the time is right. S eyes have changed from his human color and they turn a more green color. So then you know what happened with the ones that tried to kill you on the ship huh. T have any problems with them do you. Re a better fighter than you think. T use you to kill the only other one who might have known too much about what we were doing, was the fact that you were a better fighter than him. D say you were also a little less likely to go with it too since you.

This article about New look rimouski