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Signed, You log inYou log in and find you can search for jobs in your local area. You choose a job that will take you to Paris. You are eager to get to Paris and find that your ticket has been sold. You are given another one that will take you to Lisbon instead. You are to meet a contact in the Lisbon area to arrange the final details. You take a look around and find that there is no travel agent in the area. You cant contact the London branch because youre not from there. You cant contact the New Jersey branch because youre not US citizen. There is nothing you can do except get another ticket that will take you to Lisbon. You decide to check out the Lisbon area first. You arrive at the Lisbon city center and enter a travel agency. No agents name is listed, but you see a sign for the agency thats already been there for over five years. As you look around the room, you see that it is mostly empty. A man is browsing the shelves, checking out a book or two. He stops at a shelf holding many old books. A woman enters the room and immediately speaks to the man as soon as she sees him. You think for a moment and finally give her the info you have. Well I guess youll fit right in, sir. The woman departs and you are alone as you wait in line for a bus that will take you to Lisbon. The bus will take four hours to get you there. Four hours turn to four days and nights. You sleep for just a few minutes between the three day stretches. You have no way to contact or contact anyone and you start to wonder if you should try to get a job or not. It is four days before you are able to contact a contact in Lisbon. He is in a different city, but that does not stop you from taking what information you know about a job at the company and calling him back. This makes three contacts in a week and it seems as if you are having trouble finding a job. Another day passes and you have called your contact several times. After a week of calling, you are told that you may have the job when you arrive.

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