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You click the button and your computer beeps and you hear a hum for a moment, and then an awful screeching noise. You quickly look at your computer screen to see that a large image appears of a huge, hideous skull sitting on the screen. You then see that the image changes to a picture of a man with what looks like a large, human-looking ear, which is covered in numerous holes. The picture also turns to a picture of a large, rat-like creature which is covered in holes and has what looks to be an arrow through its chest. Your jaw drops as the image changes to a graphic of a bloody bloody axe embedded in what appears to be a giants body. You click outsideYou quickly get up off your bed and move towards the window, and you see the massive skull sitting there, staring at you. You ask yourself, You dont know, youll think about it laterYou dont know. You open the door to your room and move out onto the balcony. You look down towards the campus and are now looking out at an empty campus, where the trees have all died and withered. You wonder, What are my chances of ever going back. You look out over your campus. And you see nothing but green, and brown. You can only assume that the campus is empty. What could I do, that would make me happy. You wonder to yourself, You think about the schoolYou think about the school, its classes, its people, its the people around the school. You think about your friends at the school and how theyre doing. You think back to your friendsYou start thinking about your best friends, how good friends would you make with them. You smileYou smile, and the thought makes you smile, and smile. You think about the schoolYou continue to ponder the campus, its the campus. You think about the fact that youre going to have to find.

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