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RYou walk into the theater and you just feel like youve stepped into a time machine. The film looks better than any motion picture youve ever seen. The special effects are beyond anything youve ever seen either. You can almost hear the old Rebel Alliance propaganda saying,The Empire isnt what it seems. Were going into battle today, not out for a walk. You feel like youre in the movie, but somehow. The Empires been looking for you, the Rebels have been looking for you, these are your friends who never returned from the mission, and now. The STAR WARS films are looking for you too. A film based on an enduring and popular science fiction franchise inspired by action-packed adventure and powerful emotions. Why wouldnt they want to speak with you about their film. Suddenly the door opens up and a large, scruffy looking middle-aged man with a bushy beard, glasses, and a robe walks in. You recognize this man as Grand Moff Tarkin. You also recognize the robe as the one worn by the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army, in fact hes the only one who fits that description. Yes, I am looking for a character called Luke Skywalker. I have a right to know where he is now, and I want you to help me find him. Im sorry, but I cant right now. No, this is a life-or-death mission, Grand Moff Tarkin. But before we commit you to this task, I have other plans for you. As the Head of the Imperial Intelligence, Im going to send you undercover as an Imperial scientist. Youll be sent to his research planet, Umbara, to gather information for me. Itll allow you to go to his research planet without interference.

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