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Batman vs Superman, 2010, Batman vs Superman, 2010, is a 2010 American superhero film directed by Zack Snyder and written by David S. It is the second installment of the DC Extended Universe, and was released on J. Contents showPlotAfter several years of battling crime as the Dark Knight, Batman must now face a new threat that could put Earths very existence at risk. Trapped in a deadly fight for the survival of humanity, the world stands threatened by a creature of unimaginable power. Able to do whatever he wants, because. A group of interplanetary criminals known as Sinestro Corps have taken control of a small Earth-like planet, and are using it to mine the universes most valuable element, yellow sun radiation, for themselves. The only thing standing in the way of the Sinestro Corps plans is Bruce Waynes son, Jon. The worlds governments and Batmans enemies are all trying to steal the element in order to power a supernova that will destroy the universe, forcing them all to cooperate, and thats when the Man of Steel becomes involved in the problem. Batman is set to compete in the Worlds Greatest Detective competition, with his arch-nemesis, Superman. The winner will be decided by a mysterious judge called the Censor, and both Batman and Superman know that whoever wins gets a reward. Batman is preparing everything in order to prevent Superman from making a comeback against him. Hes going to use all his resources to destroy him in the competition, and he hopes for the outcome to be The Censor win. Meanwhile, on the planet Man of Steel, Jon struggles to keep a straight mind and a sense of purpose in the face of his destiny. He hasnt been very close to anyone in his life, and the lack of human contact has left him lonely and confused. One day, while exploring the town, he stumbles upon a derelict factory, with a strange, blue-skinned alien, standing guard outside with a sword. Now Jon is faced with a choice: he can decide to help the alien and help him, because hes never felt this close to another being before, or he can decide against helping him, since the alien is an alien and the world is an earthbound one. You help the alienJon decides to help the alien, thinking that he will offer some kind of protection in his world. Jon is wrong; his alien benefactor turns out to be an impostor, and as Jon discovers this fact, he must decide whether he should tell Superman about this, or just let him go about his business.

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