Barstool’s Dave Portnoy denies nonconsensual rough sex in ‘hit piece,’ admits he’s 'scared' of cancel culture

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Some of the allegations below are graphic and may be disturbing.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy denied all wrongdoing but admitted he’s “scared” of cancel culture after Insider published a lengthy feature accusing the media mogul of having rough sex with women who regretted it afterwards. 

“I’ve never done anything weird with a girl, ever. Never anything remotely nonconsensual,” Portnoy said in a video he posted on social media. 

“Cancel culture has been coming for me for decades, this is just the next iteration,” Portnoy continued. “The woke cancel culture wants to cancel me … I’m scared now.” 

Dave Portnoy denied all wrongdoing but admitted he’s "scared" of cancel culture after Insider published a lengthy feature accusing the media mogul of having rough sex with women who regretted it afterwards. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) 
((Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images))

Insider’s article, “‘I was literally screaming in pain’: Young women say they met Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy for sex and it turned violent and humiliating,” included details of a woman’s claim that her “rape fantasy” turned into a “traumatic experience” once she met Portnoy. 

The girl referred to as Madison throughout the story admits to performing oral sex on Portnoy but becoming “uncomfortable” when the Barstool founder attempted to film it. She then said sex with Portnoy was too rough but never said it was nonconsensual. 

The Insider story, which Portnoy has labeled a “hit piece,” rattled off various controversies that have surrounded the polarizing Barstool founder over the years before detailing its investigation. 

“Insider spoke with more than two dozen people with direct experience with Portnoy and Barstool, including eight current or former employees. Some women, as young as 19 who had no professional connection to Portnoy, recounted having sexually explicit online exchanges with him. Three of these women said they had sex with Portnoy, now 44, and that the encounters turned into frightening and humiliating experiences that have taken a toll on their mental health,” Insider’s Julia Black wrote. 

Dave Portnoy called a story accusing him of having rough sex with women a "hit piece."
(Fox News)

Two, including Madison, said Portnoy both choked and filmed them without advance permission; another, who has had depression, said she was suicidal after the two had sex. And all three were afraid to speak out, fearing retaliation from the media mogul and his rabid fan base,” Black wrote, using pseudonyms for the women.

A Barstool attorney told Insider the story contains “half-truths” that are “highly misleading, lack appropriate context, and appear to have been provided to you by individuals whose motivations and trustworthiness should at least have been fully vetted.” 

The lengthy feature detailed multiple controversial moments tied to Portnoy before getting to claims from “Allison,” who told Insider she was a recent high school graduate with a goal of partying in the Barstool founder’s Nantucket vacation home. 

“The reputation on the island is that he is a God and a king and kind of untouchable,” Allison told Insider. 

Allison and Portnoy eventually met up despite him joking about having sex in a text message viewed by Insider. 

Dave Portnoy said sex with both women featured in the Insider article was completely consensual. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

“We went upstairs and he was really aggressive and I didn’t know what to do and we had sex and that was it and he kicked me out,” Allison told Insider. “I was kind of scared. I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

According to Insider, the girl does not “describe what happened to her as sexual assault but said she was still deeply disturbed by the experience” with Portnoy. She allegedly became distressed when a photo of the pair circulated among locals. 

“Allison, who has had depression, said she felt stressed and overwhelmed following her sexual encounter with Portnoy and the subsequent attention it got,” Insider reported. “Three nights after having sex with Portnoy, Allison was suicidal and was hospitalized.”

The Insider report said Allison’s mother called the Nantucket Police Department, urging them to look for young girls entering Portnoy’s home. In his video response, Portnoy has said he assumed Allison was at least 21 years old because she initially suggested meeting at a bar. 


Portnoy detailed his side of the stories regarding both Madison and Allison in the video he posted to social media. He denied all wrongdoing, said he figured out Madison’s true identity because only one girl has ever slept on his couch but nothing that happened between them was nonconsensual and she never asked him to stop. 

As for Allison, Portnoy said if she is “depressed because she hooked up with me – that’s awful… I feel terrible about it.” The Barstool founder said everything that occurred was consensual and said Allison continued trying to hang out following the alleged encounter. 

“I swear to God on my life, I am telling the truth,” Portnoy said. “This reporter had an agenda… it’s f—ing scary, it’s sad and it sucks that that’s the world we live in.” 

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