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Year low rates in effect-can-no longer be found-. The chartered banks today are forecasting a slow-but-growing growth of interest rates. There is no more that can be done to increase interest rates. There is, however, the opportunity to lower them to try to stimulate a little more business. You are in a bit of a bind in the fact that the economy is slowing-which means economic growth will be less. The Bank of Canadas interest rate target is set at 1-percent and will remain so until the economy shows some signs of a recovery. The Bank is projecting a recovery but they are projecting it will be a slower one. Growth will, of course, be slower because the Bank of Canada is saying there is little upward-trending rate in effect. The government is planning to stimulate the economy with spending and the Bank of Canada wants to make sure the economy doesnt weaken too much if it can help it. Now you do not have much time to decide what to do. You lower interest ratesIn your opinion lowering interest rates is a bad idea because the economy is slowing down now. People wont be able to borrow money at these interest rates so they wont spend money as much as they would like to. You think that it would be better to increase spending. Spending will cause people to spend money and that will increase the economy. Perhaps you could lower the amount of money you are asking your clients to pay and the more you were asking them the less they would be willing to spend. At best you would be able to increase the amount of money you were charging but that would be at the expense of the amount of money you were taking in. Maybe you could lower your rates and still get money but that would mean that the interest rate paid on the loan would be higher than it would be if you were not paying it at all. Of course you may find that if you lowered your rates too much you would not be able to get the money for the operation. If this was the case you would have to let the operation go through and that would have the effect of making you lose money. At the very least you could make the operations a lot cheaper for the people that you were taking in. You would have to get rid of some of the operations that were costing you a lot of money and you would have to make changes in the ones that you were not losing a lot of money on. You could also increase the number of people that you were taking money from or just increase the ones that were making the most money. You could reduce the amount of money you were taking in, but you would.

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