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Source, The definition of thankful is more of a mindset, and it seems like the same is true with gratitude. I am grateful for the things I do have, but I am also grateful for all of the other things I do not. What Im actually saying is:I am grateful for the things I dont have. Gratitude is a habit of mind that is cultivated so as to grow and flourish as we live. Abraham MaslowWhen we are grateful we are acknowledging that we are not living a full, interesting life, but that we are living a life full of joy. And in doing that were actually making the most of our lives. So when youre in the midst of having a bad day, its not about being lazy or saying what you dont have, its about being aware. Being grateful for your life is realizing that you have already done the hard work to get to the point where you have such abundance. And that in your current state, your life is living a life full of joy. If life is what happens to you while youre busy making other plans, youre not living. Susan CainWhen were in the midst of a difficult time, there is no shame in making plans for the future and focusing on the things you have right now. If you want to see happy photos, you are going to see happy photos. If you want to see happy photos, you are going to live your life in a way where your goals dont suffer. If you want to see happy pictures, your time to decide what to do is limited. You have to focus on what is most important to you right now. James ClearInstead of complaining about the things you dont have or thinking that theres something wrong with you, instead try changing the things you do. For example, you can start with something as simple as taking the time to write down the five things you love about yourself. Thats one of the things I love about my gratitude journal. I write every day and get to see all five. One day I decided to write down the positive things about myself I had learned that day. It is important to acknowledge the fact that you have no control over your future. You cant control life or things or the future in general and you cant control the actions of other people or the future in general. But the thing you can control is what youre doing now. You can do whatever you want, as long as you choose to choose and focus on the things you want to do. Seth GodinYou have to remember that you are not the cause of your problems. And instead of blaming yourself, instead blame the circumstances around you. Sometimes when we get behind in life, because our.

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