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You stay at homeNo matter how much you think you should, you cant bring yourself to go out anyway. You sleepYour body feels like its about to explode, and yet your eyelids are heavy and the world seems to be flickering. Your ears feel like theyre going to burst from the noise, but somehow you still hear the sounds of your backyard. Something cold and wet runs down your neck and into your throat. A horrible, cold shiver runs through you, and you realize, with a shudder, that you are lying on your living room floor. You immediately roll off the sofa and into the shadows. In the distance, far off in the distance, you can make out the dim glow of a street lamp. You get upNo, no, no, no, no. There is no point in resisting; you have to try to find out whats going on. What can one do that can somehow get the attention of someone. You call out for someoneYou hear what sounds like a womans voice calling from a distance.

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