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The CARE Family Grant Funds are used to provide help and support to families. The two of you walk a bit further and you notice several groups of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as those afflicted with the other five, or are they others. You also notice a few small charities set up for the needy, and some of those are run by parents with ASD themselvesYou finally arrive at your destination. A rather large house decorated in a fanciful way, with a wide lawn and a fountain and statues of various animals. A couple of little children are having a play party inside. You see another child, or at least a similar-looking one, playing a small keyboard, but he is being very careful not to be heard. You see a couple of other children sitting on the steps, and possibly under the steps, as they wait for mommy to pick them up from the party, and another couple that are sitting on a bench near some of the other children. You go around the house and give some of the kids some snacks. You walk around the house and give all of the children some snacks before you go back to your car and drive back home. The other day you gave a few of the children a bit of fruit to make them feel better, so theyre not throwing up, and youll probably need to do the same thing tomorrow, so you need to take more snacks. You come back to the house and head inside. Your mom is standing in the entryway with an air of disappointment while looking at you. You walk around to the back door and knock. Theres no answer, so you open up one of the windows. She just gives you a small smile and nods, before heading inside. You get a good look at her body, but she still wears her sunglasses the entire time. You head back to your car and drive back home. You spend the rest of the day and night worrying about what to do, so you just sit inside and try to block it out. After all, you have other plans for tomorrow.

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