Attendance Allowance claimants could get extra help – including council tax discount

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Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Nearly two million people receive Attendance Allowance, providing them £92.40 every week. As the cost of living continues to bite budgets, Britons receiving Attendance Allowance could better their financial standing by claiming all they are entitled to.

Council tax reduction

People claiming Attendance Allowance could also be eligible for council tax reduction or assistance paying their bill. 

If they were already receiving a reduction when they claimed Attendance Allowance they may be able to get a further reduction. 

This will largely depend on the council in one’s local area and what their eligibility is for council tax reductions. 

Britons can find the details for the local council through the website. 

Other benefits

Receiving Attendance Allowance could change one’s eligibility for other benefits, even if they were not entitled to them before. 

Pension Credit or Universal Credit can reject applicants if they earn too much, but receiving Attendance Allowance means people are allowed to earn more while still being eligible.

Additionally, if someone or their partner receives Attendance Allowance they will not be affected by the benefit cap, which limits the amount of benefit payments a household can get. 

Increased benefits or tax credits

If someone was already receiving other benefits or tax credits when they applied for Attendance Allowance may be eligible for increased rates. 

Citizens Advice shared that Britons should “contact all the benefit offices dealing with your other benefits and tell them you are getting Attendance Allowance”. The charity explained: “This will ensure that they assess what other help you might be able to get.”

They added that claimants may need to send a copy of their Attendance Allowance decision letter as proof.

Travel discounts

People receiving Attendance Allowance could be eligible for a range of discounts and assistance for travel which  can include:

  • Disabled Person’s Railcard
  • Blue Badge scheme
  • Disabled Person’s Bus Pass
  • Disabled Person’s Freedom Pass for those in London.

Each travel assistance has different eligibility criteria which Britons should check before applying for them. 


Carers looking after someone receiving Attendance Allowance could be eligible for Carer’s Allowance. 

Carers must be doing caring duties for at least 35 hours per week and meet other eligibility criteria to claim. 

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