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It has everything a small child needs such as shoes, bags, toys, food, toys for the toilet, coloring books, etc. Re even willing to make some custom orders. T have the same kind of clothes, although they look like the same brand, you would find in any store. One thing you do notice is that a lot of the kids clothing is very inexpensive. And you wonder if they have anything similar for free. T really make you want anything. T resist those free, soft, fuzzy, baby blankets. Ll just take you away from getting a good nights sleep. You decide to turn right down this block and that way, just to get something to eat. Ll find something that looks interesting enough. You look around, and see a lot of people sitting on stoops, in front of homes, and even on the sidewalks, but nothing looks appetizing. Maybe you should just go home right now. Re walking home, you suddenly start to feel very sleepy and sleepy-headed. Ll be able to see if that free food is any good. S a little bit after midnight, you walk inside and your stomach almost caves in on you. Its like a big rock just fell on you.

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