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It explains about an earth shattering event that will hit the world soon. S between you and I was made up by me. If you did decide to just leave this site, there is the chance that you could find yourself back out in the real world. T be dangerous and you might not even have to leave the island to get home, in fact you might not have to leave the island at all. You look around the room and you can only imagine all the other people who have gone through this. All of whom ended up feeling the same way. S no way I can make it through this again, I could never do that. M going to be here when we return to your planet. You stare at him for a while and slowly you lean in and kiss him. Re scared shitless and this is so much more than you ever thought possible. Re so overwhelmed with emotion that you just collapse and sleep during the night. The next day you wake up knowing that you made the right decision. You will be ready when the time comes Last night was your last chance to do this, The rest of the days passes pretty much as normal.

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