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Youre going to the most dangerous place in the world now. Youre going to the place that your mom said would kill you if you ever tried to do anything like the things you were thinking about doing. Youve finally got the guts to go, but you still remember the words your sister said right before she died. You dont really like going out. You dont particularly like to go anywhere. Most days you dont even like to sleep. You do that when you went to your cousins house a few months ago. You didnt like sleeping there either, but you did it. No, theres no way youre going to regret this decision. You think about your sister the whole time on your way home, but of course you dont think about her very much. The feeling of regret you have for not doing things differently doesnt even occur to you. You dont really have the choice, you know that now. That little thought makes you feel a little better. You can easily do things differently now. You can easily do things differently. You stop at a gas station to buy some gas, but the clerk doesnt look too happy to see you. Im trying to make it back home, sir. You gonna get pulled over and ticketed. Im not letting you in my store. No, sir, but Im going back home. This is the stupidest goddamn thing you couldve done since you got out of high school. Youve never been on a long road like this before. Youve never been on a long, confusing road like this before. Hey, you dont need to apologize for doing something dumb.

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