Arnold Schwarzenegger meets his match in the Mercedes G-Class SUV at Detroit motor show 2018

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LET’S play “Arnie Bingo”.

Every time Schwarzenegger references his films during the Mercedes G-Class launch in Motor City, down a shot of schnapps. Start the tape . . .

“I told you I’ll be back.”

Bingo. Too easy. Terminator. Drink.

“I was born in Graz, the G-Class was born in Graz. As I got stronger and more muscular, the G-Class got stronger and more muscular. Basically we’re twins.”

Bingo. Drink. His movie twin was little dumpy Danny DeVito. And we’re only a minute in . . .

“Kindergarten” was also mentioned. Bingo. Drink. Kindergarten Cop.

To be fair, Arnie was a good choice to front Merc’s new tank. He drives a specially-converted electric one in LA.

Arnie said: “This SUV can do anything and everything and that’s why I love it.

“Just like I’ve gone from bodybuilding to showbusiness to politics, the G-Class can go from snow and mud to the freeway to a movie premiere and look like an elegant limousine. I’ve been driving them for 25 years.”

Now you’re probably looking at these photos and thinking new G-Class?

And I agree. A blind man on a fast horse is more likely to spot the differences between old and new.

The recipe at the G-Class factory in Graz, Austria, hasn’t changed for 39 years. But take a peek inside and, hello, it looks incredible with that 20in widescreen dash first seen in posh Merc cars and the whole cabin oozes luxury.

It’s also lighter, stiffer and even more capable off-road which, of course, doesn’t matter one bit rolling around Chelsea. But still. Arnie added: “I’m glad they didn’t touch the look of it. The G-Class is loved everywhere around the world because of its boxy looks. They have improved it. The inside is spectacular, the engine, everything is improved, but it doesn’t look a day older.”

Nor do you, Arnie. I’ve seen newborn babies with more wrinkles.

Prices from £87,000 for the new G350d straight-six diesel.


MERC boss Dr Dieter Zetsche (the bloke with the big ’tache next to Arnie) branded the war on diesel as “stupid”.

He said: “We have made so much progress in minimising emissions of diesel engines that it would be stupid not to leverage their ongoing benefit on the CO2 side.

“With all the discussion about NOx, I think CO2 continues to be our No1 priority.” Dr Z also compared Merc’s F1 dominance to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

He said: “The predictability of Bayern being ahead at the end of the year is higher than our position and still it attracts tons of people.

“It is not our task to change that – that’s for our competitors.”

… and loved by royalty too

VICTORIA star Jenna Coleman is also a G-Class fan.

She posted this photo on Instagram with the message: thank you @mercedesbenzuk for seeing me through the holiday season #happynewyear #brighton #2018 #seagulls #parkingticket.

Don’t pay it. Just tell them you’re the Queen.

First look

So it turns out the old Defender isn’t dead yet. Two years after ending production, Land Rover is doing a little encore: 150 Works V8 Defenders, at £150,000 a pop.

Quick maths: £22.5million. Kerching.

That 5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 bangs out 405hp, 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds, top speed 106mph – making it the fastest ever Defender.

It will be badged 70th Edition to mark Land Rover’s 70th anniversary.

The next-gen Defender will be revealed in November with designer Gerry McGovern promising: “It’s the absolute dog’s b******s.”

Tough, trendy and hi-tech.


  • EIGHTY per cent of all G-Wagens ever built are still in use today (300,000 in 39 years).
  • They can crawl up 45-degree slopes, that’s 1:1, one metre up and one metre along.
  • They can swim in 70cm of water.
  • The G-Wagen has three different locks. Traction from a single wheel is enough to drive it forward.
  • Used by armies, the Pope, royalty and showbiz royalty, like Arnie.

Goes like a bull-itt

ANOTHER Detroit showstopper was the Mustang Bullitt. As cool as  . . .  er, Steve McQueen.

It celebrates the 50th anniversary of the classic film. White cue ball gearknob, green, no badges or stripes, naughty exhaust, 481hp 5-litre V8 . . .  but wait, only available in America?

That’s utter B S. One Ford? Ship some here.

Ford also unveiled the Edge ST, powered by the same engine as the Focus RS.

We’re not getting that either. But we WILL get the lookalike ST-Line in 2019 with a high-powered diesel.

And the name of Ford’s first electric SUV coming in 2020 is . . .  Mach 1. After another old Mustang.

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