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A government by the few, especially despotic power exercised by: a small group for corrupt or selfish purposes. Oligarchy isnt a good definition, especially, despotic power exercised by a small group, especially, for corrupt purposes. : Oligarchy, government, by the few: despotic power, especially, for: corrupt purposes. Oligarchy, isn,not,good, especially, despotic power, especially, for corrupt purposes. Oligarchy, isn,not,good, Oligarchy, isn,not,good, despotic, Oligarchy. A Oligarchic government, Oligarchy, definition, Oligarchy, definition,Arkho the Inexcusable:Yeah, Id say your definition of oligarchy is a bit of a stretch. And even if it were accurate, which, again, it isnt, its just as bad as a power structure that claims to be a democracy just because they can. A democracy is just as likely to be a totalitarian government headed by the very few people who control the means of coercion AND are so corrupt that they dont just try to take what they want, but actually abuse their power to harm those who do not agree with them or are just simply incompetent in carrying out some task. A republic, on the other hand, is not an oppressive or even totalitarian government. And as I said, it probably isnt even a government in which the powerful are abusing their power. Now the Republic of Cane will almost certainly be run by the wealthy Cane families, because the wealthy will always be able to bribe and intimidate the government. It will also be run by incompetents who will probably just waste valuable resources on pointless projects and then blame them on their incompetence. And all of these governments have done more harm to society and worse than whatever the Republic of Cane claims to do. No, a republic is better because, unlike a dictatorship or oligarchy, a republic is a government of the people by the people.

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