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The Shatt al-Arab is a major waterway and provides for thewhole of Persias population. The Persian Gulf is a mediterranean sea in Western Asia. The body of water is an extension of the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Hormuz and lies between Iran to the northeast and the Arabian Peninsula to the south-west. Year 30The years finally coming to a close, but it seems like youve had a longer journey than most in your age bracket have. You were finally able to make progress in your studies for a few more weeks, but that was about the limit of that. As far as getting out of this city, thats not going to be an issue, but there are certainly challenges that arise in doing so. There are two main issues; one is getting out of the city, which is something you can definitely do. You were able to successfully leave the city earlier than most, so you dont have anything to worry about to do with that. You really dont know how the other two do it though, because they have to leave the island. You can imagine they must be able to do their own thing, without your guidance sometimes. When you think about it, you dont like the idea of being out here alone. There have been some instances where things have gotten out of hand. You also wonder if you and Kayla are going to be able to find someone to keep the island running, or if youre just going to have to continue on as an independent group. While its true that there are other groups with similar goals that exist, you dont want to rely on them and there is always that chance that something goes wrong. Another issue is what the fuck to do about getting a home. Youre not exactly certain how you were going to go about doing this on your own, but you dont think you could just go around asking people to give you a piece of land in exchange for your help. You were lucky enough to go to one of the many private schools on this island, which is a place of many resources, but youd have to really want to be there. You werent necessarily planning on leaving, but as much as it might be tempting, you dont know if youd be able to leave on your own.

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