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OWNERS of Apple's new iPhone 15 have experienced a number of hiccups since its launch last month.

The handsets have been too hot to handle, not charging properly and now, losing their battery much faster than other iPhones.

Only some iPhone 15 owners are experiencing a so-called 'vampire drain' on their battery life.

This can be a nightmare on-the-go, especially if you don't have a compatible power block to hand.

Equally, it won't help the overheating issue titanium-framed iPhone 15s have been experiencing.

In the notes for its upcoming iOS 17.1 update, Apple admits that its a software issue that is impacting Apple Watch owners.



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The company admitted that iPhone 15s may be losing their battery much faster than other handsets if they're paired with an Apple Watch.

Apple wrote: “Increased power consumption might occur when an Apple Watch running watchOS 10.1 is paired with an iPhone with iOS 17.0 (or watchOS 10.0 is paired with iOS 17.1).”

Impacted customers have been encouraged to check which operating system their Apple Watch and iPhone 15 is running on.

If the wrist accessory is using watchOS 10.1 and the iPhone has iOS 17.0, you may have a problem.

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Likewise, if the watchOS 10.0 is paired with iPhone 15s iOS 17.1.

Apple has said the upcoming iOS 17.1 update fixes the issue.

The same update also fixes two other known issues, including when the Cinematic camera mode might cause the preview to freeze for a couple of seconds.

The second problem that is set to be remedied is when the Apple Wallet crashes for users who connect cards to their bank accounts.

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