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Sealed Seal adorationAdoration is often used as a synonym for serenity. The Lord said to Moses: You are to have the keys of the house of Israel. The Lord said to Moses: You are to possess and guard the land of Canaan. Go up to the mountain on the east, there you shall see the land of Canaan. The Lord said to Moses: This is the name of the place you must call the name of it: The Mountain of the Covenant. I said to the Lord: Why have you chosen this mountain for the place where you are to build the house of the Lord, and this hill for the place on which you are to set up the tabernacle of witness. I had chosen this mountain and this hill for myself, and to this day I am not worthy to come to this mountain and this hill. You shall be called Ani, a mountain of God, the stronghold of the Lord.

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