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If anyone treats it unreasonably or-it inaccurately it you will regret it. You are the one who can rebuild what was destroyed and continue the dignity of America and the American People. The letter concludes shortly: Yours Sincerely,Edmund MahoneThe President of the United States. Im on my way to Fort Independence to meet with General McCutchen. Ill be ready to discuss matters of common concern shortly. You leave the letterYou dont really have much choice in the matter. You head out the door you never even saw and find yourself on a small, narrow trail. You see a small town on the way to it, a place where people often made their homes. You think about going back and writing a letter to your family, but you decide against it. If they read it theyll probably think youre back in the same place you were at the time you gave the letter. You dont see any sign of civilisation; the only thing you can think of is that this is where you lived when you were a small child. The memories of that time are fading away, but they were real, they were important. Youre walking along when you realise that youre walking directly towards Fort Sutter. There is no need for a walk or any other activity on this trail. You walk slowly back over to the trail, and check to see where it goes. On the way, you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. The world might be strange now, but theres nothing to fear. You can finally relax and find something in life worth living for. The suns light shines through the trees, warming the earth. You find a patch of grass to sit down on, with your legs crossed and your hands clasped in front of you. Your chest rises and falls with each soft sigh. You close your eyes to try to put yourself in a happier mindset. The sun is barely visible through the tree tops.

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