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You keep listeningYou try to keep up with the news. According to their website, the company is currently a media conglomerate. Its brands include Life Choices, Rolling Meadow Dairy, Holistic Choice, Nudge, Love Child, Central and Kiju Organic. News headlines for the company include: Man arrested after allegedly raping woman, Opinionated Guide to Traveling with Children on a Break and Boys with Down Syndrome on the Rise. The companys press release gives a full financial overview. Annual report, Balance sheet, Cash position, Debt position and other information about the company. You continue listeningYou try to keep up with the news as the news story plays on the television. It is about an incident which happened in the community where you live. You dont know the details, but you do know you dont want to come across as some sort of vigilante vigilante. It is about some criminal who is suspected of having committed a crime, but you dont know who. You dont even know the name of the country where your community is located. It is about the defendant saying how it was a case of mistaken identity, and how he didnt do it. It is about the defendant claiming that he is a victim of mistaken identity. It is about the defendant going to court at which time he did not show up. It is about the defendant saying that the Not Guilty verdict is unfair, and that he is going to appeal. The defendant also says that the trial was a slap in the face, and that he is being framed. It is about how the defendant went to the press, claiming that he was in the Crosshairs of the media for something he didnt do. It is about how his lawyer got a copy of the police reports and told the media about them. It is about how the case became national news when the defendant was arrested on national news. It is about how the defendants lawyer has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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