Annette Carol Bening, born, is an American actress…

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T we supposed to be talking about the younger generation here. S also true of my generation, you know. T grow up in an era where there was a strong independent film scene in this country and people had an independent mindset. T have that, we had to learn how to do it for the first time and it felt like a whole new world was opened to us when we did that. S what separates us from the rest of the world and what makes us a great American film making heritage. After you finish your explanation, the older couple looks at each other and then back to you. D love to come back to Los Angeles for a while. D love to take you to the other side of town, to watch the movies that I saw when I was your age. T have to, if they could just extend it to the movies too, you know like they do with music. T have to drive too far, just drive past a movie theatre and there you go. Re going to have to do a bit of traveling to really get this done. In fact, you have some other ideas you want to do before you do any shooting, but you have a feeling that this trip will be your last one for a while. You might as well take advantage of it and see what else you can find on your way out of town. You make your way to Silver Lake, which has a bit better than average reputation as a tourist destination thanks to the film.

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